a water warrior...

We are a dedication to the water warrior known as Ryuuzaki Umi from the manga series "Magic Knight Rayearth" by CLAMP.

"You and your friends have to think
of what you must do to find happiness"
- Umi

Ryuuzaki Umi is one of the three key characters from the six volume manga by CLAMP. Her role is an offensive strength to Shidou Hikaru, questioner of what is considered ethically right in Cephiro, oblivious romancer, and being irked at Mokona.

Why her? If someone asks who is your favorite character in anime/manga it somehow always goes back to Umi (bishounen are another story ^^). I first saw an artbook image of her on one of my friend's galleries and had no idea who she was or what series it was from, but was compelled (as much as a 8th grader can be) to look up more about her. I found out about the manga Magic Knight Rayearth and after reading it concluded that Umi was definitely on top of the list of favorite characters. It might be because of her crazy outbursts, strong heart and loyalty, or even the element water...whatever it is that has made her a favorite for over ten years, perhaps you'll find out why at Hydro Powered ♥

Like a hurricane

A music playlist inspired by Umi.

See you soon!

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