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Hydro Powered is based on the manga version of the series and will contain spoilers from the plot.

  • Name Ryuuzaki Umi
  • Meaning Sea of the Dragon Blossom
  • Grade 8th
  • Birthday March 3
  • Blood Type A+
  • Favorite Subject English
  • Favorite Color blue
  • Likes fencing, baking cakes, spaghetti
  • Dislikes sweet food, sewing
  • Dreams to be a bride

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CLAMP is well known for crossing over previous characters into other story-lines and works and Umi is no exception.

Umi appears again in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, chapter 222 along with Hikaru and Fuu as friends of Sakura-chan. Umi asks Sakura if this is her first time in Hong Kong as they are all currently on a field trip, apparently all from the same school, while Sakura replies she is looking for something. Hikaru notes how mature Sakura appears and Fuu alludes that there is something more to Sakura than it seems. In my opinion one of the best chapters as the trio finally get to make their cameo appearance and Sakura and Syaoran finally meet again ♥