collection #1

There's just something extra chic about the outer realm senshi and these images personify that. The images used were not edited heavily as I thought they look perfect the way they are, just a slight color leveling, blurring, along with light lens refraction.

Layout is versatile for an image you want to stand out as the text will keep scrolling but your background is fixed. You can change the title of the layout Iolite seen on your left in black to your own site title. Keep it short though!


Iolite (EYE-oh-lite) is another mineral that is important in nature but rarely sufficiently transparent to be of interest as a gem material. The most attractive colors, and the only ones used for gem purposes, are blue and violet. It may also be colorless, yellowish white, green or brown. The name of the species is from the Greek meaning "violet". It has also been called by a number of other names, one of which is cordierite (CORD-ee-er-ite), after Pierre Louis Antoine Cordier. Another is dichroite (DYE-kro-ite), from the Greek word meaning "two colored", because of its strong pleochroism. Unfortunately, the misleading name "water sapphire" has been applied to the mineral. Cordierite is the term used most frequently by mineralogists.