In the year 2100 A.D. we have developed an extraordinary virtual reality game called Second Life, where one can take on a whole new identity. Feng Lan has taken this to a whole new level by somehow enabling herself to be a male character instead of the default setting as female to prove her brother wrong that girls use "female benefits" to beat the game...

This is the story of Feng Lan, known as Prince in the virtual world of Second Life - and his (her?) hilarious journey to become the best in the game, meeting many new friends, and balancing her gender secret in both virtual and real world.

How to create a new identity?

The game Second Life creates a new virtual identity by changing your species, job class, and enhancing your best features. By choosing to be an elf and becoming a male with Feng Lan's already pretty features has turned her into a super sexy male character that not many actual female characters (including many males) can resist. This type of enhancing also poses additional problems, as if you look close enough you are able to tell the true/real identity of players around you.

Prince's team known as The Odd Squad from left to right: Prince (warrior/elf), Gui (bard/elf), Doll (necromancer/angel), Meatbun (on top of Doll's head is Prince's pet), Lolidragon (thief/elf), Yu Lian (wizard/human), Ugly Wolf (priest/beast)

MMORPGing without the mess

1/2 Prince is a Taiwanese novel by Yu Wo and is now being illustrated by Choi Hong Chong into a manwha. Avoiding any spoilers, a highly recommended read to anyone who has ever played a massively multiplayer online role-playing game also known as an MMORPG (Ragnarok Online, Maple Story, etc.)

Virtual reality also has eye-candy

I've included a few of my favorite chapter title images cleaned up to give you a taste.

Gender bending

One of my favorite aspects of 1/2 Prince is the way the artist is able to portray Feng Lan as Prince in a female way as well as super sexy male aspect. Is this so wrong in your mind if you're a typical rabid bishounen type fan...yes!? There's a huge adoration of Prince as a male, but in the back of your head you're screaming, but he's a she! I'll let you decide on how to work this out in your own fanciful heads.

Log off?

The manga is relatively new and just starting to gain popularity - let others know about 1/2 Prince!

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